About myself

After the Second World War (before that, I hardly ever  went to school) I started to attend a professional school, but I soon quit studies in order to learn a trade I was left alone with My mother Ethel, after My father was taken in the concentration camp Auschwitz, and never returned, so I had to help her in housekeeping. I was attracted to carpentry and became an apprentice with a joiner for two years. most of my work consisted of cleaning up, buying wine and cigarettes for the workers of the work shop. Luckily there were two wood sculptors among them (the work shop produced mainly furniture for churches and crosses with Jesus crucified). One of the wood sculptors had no left arm and at times I was asked to help him and hit his sculptor's hammer. and thus I began to see something and became interested in wood sculpture . but I was not allowed to touch the carving knives of the two wood sculptors. However I showed so much interest in the sculpting that at the end of the two years they let my sit for the examination in order to be admitted for studies in this field. I was given 40 hours for practical

work and as result was accepted (My Master work decorates the index). and then....

        I decided to immigrate to Israel and forgot about the whole thing. I bought a set of carving knives and brought them with me to Israel.

But for 20 years, I hardly didn't sculpting because we had to work hard in the fields and after that i busied my self with social and cultural activities to consolidate the French group as part of Kibbutz Hatzor where I live and create until today. in 1972, we (my whole family including our 3 children) where sent on a Movement mission to Lyon (France). There, a parent of one of my movement members was a joiner of carved furniture. in his shop, i carved a large bar-relief, the symbol of our Movement Hashomer Hatzair which decorates its local branch, to this very day. Thus I renewed my contact with wood carving.

       Since 1975, with our return to the Kibbutz I have devoted every minute of free time and all my energies in wood carving. After some years, with the help of Dov Orner, I was admitted to Sculptors Association of the Kibbutz Hartzi as a sub-master. I have exhibited my works in various exhibitions and have not stopped sculpture. from the Kibbutz, I got two work days a week and my self studio.

Since them i have carved hundreds of sculptures in wood and a few  experiments of other materials (see other materials on the web site). Most of my works, which I managed to photograph, are shown on this web site.

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- Dovka 2004 -      


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