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The purpose of this site is to sum up and document 50 years of creative work.

 They are more than 300 works, mostly in wood, although during the years

I have also used other mediums, but always returned to the love of my youth: wood.


For your comfort and ease, this site is divided into 8 different sections:


2.Bas reliefs

3.Small sculptures

4.Wood carving



7.Door signs

8.Other materials


You will be able to surf from one section to another as you wish.

         You can find the name of every work, the material it was made from,

the size and the year it was produced.

               This site couldn’t have been created without the professional help

of my 11 years old grandson Dor and my son in law Dudi Dankner

During many months we gathered the material, prepared

               the pieces and organized them. Fortunately had good luck to photograph them.

 The result: the site that is completely creativity.

My grateful thanks to them for their effort.

I hope you have an enjoyable visit to this site.


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My master piece. Oak wood

50 cm. 1951

Self portrait.Gypsum and oak wood.

        20 cm. 1951.       














- Dovka 2004 -     


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